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When you are charged with vehicular homicide you will need a strong defense to have a positive outcome of your case. Vehicular homicide involves the intentional killing of another with the use of a motor vehicle as to the weapon. This can be as unintentional as drunk driving and ending up in an accident where a person in your vehicle or another is killed, or it can be as obviously intentional as running someone down with a motor vehicle and killing them. Regardless of the actual circumstances, vehicular homicide is a very serious offense and will require a dynamic and driven legal team to back you up and fight for a positive outcome on your behalf.

Most commonly, vehicular homicide accompanies drunk driving charges or charges of driving under the influence where that influence could be alcohol or other drugs. This becomes a very delicate situation for any lawyer, even an experienced one to handle. At the law firm of Russo & Pedranghelu, we have many years of experience with vehicular homicide cases and the bevy of charges that generally accompany these cases, to offer our assistance to you and help you bring about as positive an outcome as possible.

Vehicular manslaughter is a lesser charge than vehicular homicide but involves the same principle. Major differences include the impairment of the driver and their ability to drive the vehicle. Vehicular manslaughter, while still involving the death of another person, typically is the result of negligent driving and not a malicious act. This can be the result of reckless driving, speeding, racing, or missing traffic warnings and signals. This can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony where vehicular homicide is a felony charge.

If you are facing charges of either of these crimes, even on the lesser end, vehicular manslaughter could lead to a year in prison, requiring you to need serious legal counsel. Having our team by your side will aid you in the resolution or reduction of the charges and bring about the most positive result possible.

As stated, many times these charges will be accompanied by other charges, it is our expertise in handling, investigating, and resolving these matters that will make hiring us to take care of your case the best choice at this time of despair and anguish. Contact our offices in Hicksville to let our legal team at Russo & Pedranghelu help you to navigate the many charges against you and bring about the best results possible. You can schedule your free initial consultation today and let us get started working for you.

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