Drug Defense Lawyer in Long Island, New York

Many times drug crimes have much more to do with abuse of substances due to addiction rather than disrespect and dismissal of the law. Those who are typically being charged with drug crimes will benefit more from treatment than they would from punishment or incarceration. Unfortunately, many laws don’t cover treatment programs, and having someone by your side when you face drug charges is more important than ever, especially with the drastic increase in drug use and traffic into the country in recent years.

The lawyers of Russo & Pedranghelu have a long history of advocating for those who face drug charges. Whether it’s for the sale, possession, distribution, or transportation of drugs, most of the issues with any kind of drugs stems back to addiction and a need for treatment over incarceration. Typically, those who have been charged with drug crimes that are sent to prison or given a punishment of any kind wind up facing drug charges again soon after being let out of prison. Without a doubt, having repeat offenders is not going to solve the problem with drugs and an alternative solution needs to be put in place.

For these reasons, the law firm of Russo & Pedranghelu advocates for the treatment of those who face drug charges rather than have them incarcerated. Our lawyers are familiar with the variety of treatment options in the Nassau and Suffolk county areas and can help anyone who is facing drug charges to enter a diversion program that can be presented during the court proceeding, assisting in the reduction or possible dismissal of the drug charges. More important than the reduction of charges is the benefits from successfully completing the diversion program,, this can be a jumping-off point to regain control of your life and help you to move forward.

Drug charges come in a variety of forms including charges for a variety of drugs both illegal and prescription. Prescription drug abuse has been an increasing problem as much as the illegal drugs, causing a variety of issues such as the information as to how possession was gained, who they are being sold to, and what drugs are being abused. Many times these drugs include OxyContin, Vicodin, and Xanax, all of which are highly addictive and can become abused very easily.

Our attorneys are here to help you when you face drug charges. We have a much more sensitive approach to drug charges, working to have our clients accept and benefit from treatment rather than having them put in jail. Contact us for a free initial consultation and let us start working to help you.


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