Domestic Violence Lawyers in Long Island, NY

The stakes of a charge of any form of spousal abuse or child abuse are extremely high. The possibility is present for you to lose your home, your family, and even face time in prison when accused of spousal or child abuse or any form of domestic violence. Not only are the stakes extremely high, timing and responses in a timely manner are absolutely critical in these types of cases if you don’t want to be removed from your home. Our lawyers fully understand the need for a timely and prompt response to charges of domestic violence to provide you with the advocacy you need to guide you through the process.

Our domestic violence team includes a retired family court judge, a member of the Nassau County Judiciary Committee, and a former New York State Commissioner of Jurors. These members of the team have the background to assist you with any charges of domestic violence in a creative, timely, and tenacious approach that will assist you in receiving a positive outcome for your case.

The attorneys on our staff have a great deal of experience appearing in New York’s special domestic violence courts to defend our clients. Our tireless efforts can aid you by gathering all the facts and evidence in a case and working to create a strong case that is aimed at receiving an acquittal, a dismissal, or a reduction in charges.

Our highly trained and vastly experienced staff at Russo & Pedranghelu will gladly consult with you to discuss your case and figure out what the most advantageous path to a successful outcome will be for you. Due to the severity of the accusation and the seriousness of the possible consequences that come with charges of domestic violence, our team with quickly take action to advocate on your behalf and help you to retain your rights to remain in the home if that is your desires.

At times, domestic violence can be misunderstood and those charging you can be misled by friends, family members, or others in the community who do not understand the dynamics of your home life. Our team works to get to know the facts and help you understand the variety of outcomes you may receive when the case is placed in front of a judge. Knowing what you may be facing going into the process, can aid you in making decisions that could help the outcome of the case.

Contact us for a free consultation and let us take on the charges levied against you for domestic violence. We are here to assist you in getting your life back.


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