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Being charged with burglary, theft, or robbery will require you to need some very talented lawyers on your side to help you reduce or dismiss the charges. Even though all three sound similar, they all have their variation of definition, which is well understood in the legal community but might otherwise be confusing to you.

Burglary involves entering a structure illegally. This can be as simple as pushing open a door to a location you have been banned from entering or lifting an open window to gain better access. Burglary also involves breaking into a location by force, but does not require much force, nor do you need to enter with your entire person to commit burglary. Opening a window and reaching in to grab an item is considered burglary.

Theft is taking something from someone else with no intention of returning it. This doesn’t necessarily need to involve force or violence, but simply depriving the owner of the property. At times theft can be permission drove, where the owner permits to use the property, but the theft is involved when you keep the item with no intention of returning it to the owner, thus depriving them of the property.

A robbery is an act of violence. It involves taking property by force or forcing another person to allow you access to the property. For example, a bank clerk doesn’t have the money from the vault, but to give you access they would open the vault to allow you access to it. This is considered robbery when done by threats of force or violence, and just the threat can be considered robbery.

When charged with any of these three crimes you need to contact the law firm of Russo & Pedranghelu to gain the right legal representation. At times these crimes and charges of these crimes can be simple misunderstandings between neighbors and friends, which have escalated to a very uncomfortable level. Having a great legal team by your side, with decades of experience will ensure your ability to experience the most positive outcome possible.

Don’t try and face the charges of burglary, theft, or robbery on your own, allow our team to represent you and give you the advice and guidance you need. With many years of experience arguing on behalf of clients who faced similar charges, our experience and expertise in this regard will be your best asset when entering the courtroom. Give us a call and schedule your free initial consultation to allow us to assess your options regarding the charges against you and your case.


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