Assault & Battery

Assault Lawyers in Long Island, NY

Facing charges of assault and battery often involves an altercation between yourself and another person that eventually became physical and violent. As a violent crime, assault and battery often carries a strong chance of incarceration and will certainly lead to unwanted interruptions in employment, residence status, and much more. Not only is assault and battery a violent crime, many times it is a crime of passion where the emotions of two individuals or groups were raised to the point of feeling violence was necessary as a solution to the problem.

One common occurrence with assault and battery charges is the feeling of having defended yourself against an attacker and then having charges brought up against you. Whether you were an aggressor, or you were in defense of your well beings, when charged with assault and battery you need a great defense to lessen or negate the harm that can come to you from a conviction of assault and battery. With this in mind, you should hire our law firm of Russo & Pedranghelu to defend you in your case.

Our team of high skills and trained lawyers will handle your case with the care and delicacy you need to assist you in being absolved of the charges of assault and battery. While not every result is a complete absolution, we can work with you and with the prosecuting attorney to have charges reduced and punishments lessened, allowing you to get on with your life.

For repeat offenders, who have been brought up on assault and battery charges multiple times, the underlying cause of these continued cases could mean a need to undergo treatments and anger management. We see these cases as an opportunity to help someone who isn’t aware they need help and work to recommend treatments rather than punishment in these cases. Attending treatments before or during the process of trying your case in court could always aid your case for a more positive result and give you some relief, knowing there is support to help you when a situation arises.

As one of the many violent crimes, assault, and the battery is one of the most common and can be wrongly charged to you when you have only tried to defend yourself, your family, or your property against an attack. Our law firm has years of experience handling assault and battery cases and will work tirelessly to bring about the most positive result possible. Give us a call at Russo & Pedranghelu and schedule your free initial consultation today.


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